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Affordable Fences is the right choice for excellent fence installers in Cranston, RI. Call 401-885-5868 or 401-465-8869 for immediate service today. We can install the following:

* Cedar Fences
* Ornamental Fences
* Vinyl Fences
* Containment Fences

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Fence Contractor Cranston RI

Do you want beautiful fences in your neighborhood? For quality fences in Cranston, RI you want Affordable Fences! We are professional fence installers who sell and install cedar fences, ornamental fences, vinyl fences, and containment fences.

Our custom fences can turn your home or office into a more pleasant and secure place. Custom fencing can enhance your landscape, keep your children safe and secure your pets. Our fences are designed to fit your fencing needs. We have been the preferred fence installers for over 35+ years. We provide fence installation for clients in residential and commercial areas. As a family owned company, our dedicated fence installers provide superior fences and services at affordable prices. We also install our unique fencing in a timely manner. As a member of the Better Business Bureau, our impressive fences are custom made to make you happy!

Call 401-885-5868 or 401-465-8869 for premier fences in Cranston, RI today. At Affordable Fences, you will enjoy exceptional fences at reasonable prices. Our custom fences are the best in town!

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Fence Contractor Cranston RI

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